Our Company

Bell Safety Limited

Bell Safety Limited is located at 153 ½ Constant Spring Road, Kingston, Jamaica, grew rapidly from its inception under the leadership of Managing Director, David Summerbell Jr., a veteran businessman who over two (2) decades, established his company, Bell Communications Ltd as the leading provider of two-way radio communications in Jamaica. 

Seeking to diversify his business portfolio, he launched a successful foray into the safety and apparel fields which saw the company quickly acquiring new corporate clients attracted to the high level of product quality, competitive pricing and professional service.

Bell Safety Ltd expanded its physical boundaries, establishing new ones, amongst widening and diverse clienteles ranging from automotive dealerships, beverage manufacturing to government emergency services. Establishing exclusive distribution rights in Jamaica for a slew of renowned global safety brands, including THOROGOOD footwear, Nautilus footwear, Avenger Safety footwear and BULWARK.

Bell Safety Limited proudly serves a wide range of government and private sector clients, supplying PPE including specialized safety apparels, gears and equipments. Boasting a stellar record of increased staff compliance and protection and stays on the cutting edge of supplying PPE from some of the best global brands.

Bell Safety Ltd distinguishes itself from the competition through meticulous attention to understanding its customers needs and delivering excellent customer service. Systems are put in place to ensure that every client is satisfied with the quality of the product and service, the accuracy of the order and the efficiency of the delivery.

Mission Statement

BELL SAFETY LIMITED’s mission is to become the preferred supplier of world-class brands of uniforms and safety apparel, gear and equipment of the highest quality to the Jamaican industrial workplace, and by so doing, improve the standard of industrial labour safety of Jamaican workers in every sector it serves.

Our partners

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