TriSonic Reusable Ear Plugs 25 NRR and 30 SNR.. Product #: EP311OR based on 0 reviews

TriSonic Reusable Ear Plugs

Product Code: EP311OR

Introducing TriSonic, a cost competitive solution in high-performance reusable earplugs. Our soft and flexible 3-flange earplug is comfortable for all-day wear with easy insertion and removal. Now 25 NRR / 30 SNR!

  • Built-in, firm handle allows the user to direct the angle of insertion, adapting to each ear canal.
  • The contoured 3-flange design puts more material in contact with the ear canal and provides all-day comfort.
  • Non-allergenic TPR material is non-irritating, resistant to ear wax and body oils; outlasts PVC ear plugs.
  • Wash and reuse for weeks without losing its attenuation and effectiveness.
  • Translucent Orange color makes inspection easy and ensures earplugs are being worn.
  • Universal size, self-contours to fit virtually any shape of the ear canal, accommodates diverse workforce to simplify inventory control.
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