DPSA Aerosol Generator DSPA 5, 268mm x 225mm, Red.. Product #: DSPA-ART00005 based on 0 reviews

DPSA Aerosol Generator

Product Code: DSPA-ART00005

The DSPA 5 aerosol generator can be used by fire fighters and professional first responders as a highly effective knock down tool against fires. The DSPA 5 generator is non-pressurized and is deployed manually into a room or compartment that requires firefighting. After activation, an aerosol cloud is generated, which expanse volumetrically, flooding the space and knocking down the flames. The DSPA 5 generator is mainly designed to use on class A, B, C and F(K) fires.

The DSPA 5 generator is recommended for firefighting in buildings and other structures. It can be used in every fire stage, but its value is best displayed during fully developed fires.


  • Exceptional effective non-toxic fire suppressing agent
  • Does not deplete oxygen levels
  • SNAP listing by EPA
  • Ecologically safe and environmentally friendly (ODP=0, No GWP)
  • Is harmless to humans and animals
  • Does not cause any overpressure

Part Number: DSPA-ART00005

Dimensions: 268 x 225 mm

Total Weight: 4600 g

Compound Weight: 3300 g

Volume Coverage: Up to 150 m³

Discharge Time: 25 sec

Activation, current: Manual Screw-in starter with pin or cord

Operation Conditions:-50°C to 50°C/ Up to 98% RH at 50°C

Color: Standard RAL 3000, other colours upon request

Min. distance for persons () from discharge outlet.

Min. distance for combustible material() from discharge outlet.

Min. distance for construction structures() from discharge outlet.



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